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28 April 2007 @ 09:46 pm
Title: Kobol's Last Discoveries
Author: Loetitia Mauget
Wordcount: 2 155
Pairings: Laura Roslin, Thomas Zarek, Billy, Chief Tyrol, Kara (starbuck) Thrace, Sharon Valeria, Six, William Adama
Rating: Rated: MA, Rated: NC-17 Rated: R
28 April 2007 @ 06:53 pm
Title: On The Run
Author: rowen_bsg
Wordcount:2 941
Pairings: Laura Roslin, Thomas Zarek
Rating: Rated: PG
28 April 2007 @ 04:04 pm

Welcome to the second Bondage Fanfiction Challenge, Planetary Paranoia!

The Challenge required each fic to contain:

! - Bondage of some kind. (it does not have to imply a sexual situation - but it can...)
!! - It must take place on a planet.
!!! - Feature hostile wildlife and/or inappropriate use of a tent peg.
!V - The phrase, ‘I’m not dead yet’.
V - Paranoia


The winner in each category will receive a winner's banner and a cartoon made in their fic's honour.  After voting closes you may repost your fanfiction wherever you desire.

Also, my scanner works so I'll be uploading last competition's winners in high resolution! *yay*

Voting is now open for this competition. Voting closes on the 8th May. (NOTE THIS IS SUBJECT TO EXTENSION)

~ We encourage everyone who reads these fics to vote!
~ You may comment on the fics but the comments will be screened until after voting closes.
~ You may vote if you are involved in this competition, but please DO NOT vote for yourself.
~ You may promote voting by linking to this competition in communities and at your LiveJournal, but DO NOT hint at which fic might be yours.
~ This competition is designed to be as fair as possible. Author's and Beta's names will be added to the fanfiction at the conclusion of the voting.

How to vote

Reply to this thread by copying and filling out the voting sheet below. You may vote for the same fic more than once. Voting will be screened. You must be logged in to LiveJournal to vote. Voting will be overseen by cannibalcake

Please direct any questions to elly@zenucom.com


Award Category One: Too HOT For Canon
[ insert fic name here ]

Award Category Two: Action Adventure Award
[ insert fic name here ]

Award Category Three: Viewer's Sympathy for Tortured Characters Award
[ insert fic name here ]

Award Category Four: Award For Most Amusing Paranoia
[ insert fic name here ]

Special Award Category: The People's Choice Award
[ insert fic name here ]


[Disclaimer: BSG and all recognisable names are the property of Ron Moore and David Eyke. No money is being made from this competition. spread_the_fear, stf_library  and ellymelly are not responsible for the works of fanfiction hosted on this site. You must be 18 years of age to proceed. By clicking on the links you are declaring that you are old enough to do so.]

Crystalline Dreaming

Cylons, Shoes and Squirrels

Kobol's Last Discoveries

Lee Getting Mauled by a Bear

Love, Lust and a Tent Peg


Mythical Misunderstanding

On The Run


Same Story, New Tune

Scaring The Children

Show A Little Leg

So Very Afraid



27 April 2007 @ 09:41 pm
Title: So Very Afraid/One Small Mistake
Author: ellymelly
Wordcount: 3 423
Pairings: Lee (apollo) Adama, Laura Roslin/Felix Gaeta (because it's the most WRONG thing I can think of), Gaius Baltar, Helo
Rating: Rated: M
Author's Notes: If possible, listen to, 'In The Hall of The Mountain King' before reading this :)

27 April 2007 @ 01:08 pm
Title: Love, Lust and a Tent Peg
Author: Teris Xenite
Wordcount: 3000
Pairings: Lee (apollo) Adama, Kara (starbuck) Thrace
Rating: Rated: R / MA / NC-17
27 April 2007 @ 01:03 pm
Title: Mythical Misunderstanding
Author: selenay_x
Wordcount: 2990
Pairings: Laura Roslin/ Thomas Zarek
Rating: Rated: M (themes)

25 April 2007 @ 04:15 pm
Title: Practice
Author: pocketwitch
Wordcount: 1800
Pairings: Laura Roslin/ Kara Thrace
Rating: Rated: R / MA / NC-17

17 April 2007 @ 04:12 pm
Title: Lee Getting Mauled By a Bear
Author: cannibalcake
Wordcount: 1607
Pairings: Lee (apollo) Adama, Bear, Laura Roslin, Saul Tigh
Rating: Rated: R / MA / NC-17 (for violence)
Author's Notes: R for gratuitous violence, BAWP (Bear Attack Without Plot), and drug use.
17 April 2007 @ 04:06 pm
Title: Show A Little Leg
Author: Pekeana
Wordcount: 1922
Pairings: Laura Roslin/William Adama (implied), Roslin/Baltar
Rating: M
Author's Notes: None

13 April 2007 @ 11:50 pm
Title: Misbehaving
Author: rowen_bsg
Wordcount: 2529
Pairings: Laura Roslin, William Adama, Thomas Zarek
Rating: R/MA15/NC17
Author's Notes: None